Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This nail trend is still going strong!

Mirrored.  Metallic. Chrome.

A very hot trend right now.  And if you Google it, there are many tutorials on how to get the chrome look.  Isn't it striking?!  

Well, here's a tip for you...

Jamberry Nail Wraps.  

Yep, quick and easy and will last up to 2 weeks!  The photo above is done with our Metallic Chrome Silver nail wrap!  What's stopping you?!  Buy three and get one free... well you will have enough manis for at least 2 months!

And if you don't believe me that they are quick, easy and very affordable (think of the money you will save from NOT going to a salon :) ) - check out this quick video:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Inspired by sunflowers...

Nothing better than this time of year.  As I have said before, I am a country girl at heart and there is something about sunflowers and denim...(click on photo to go to website)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Key Pieces for your fall wardrobe

Fall is just around the corner.  The weather here is still very warm and I for one, am looking forward to fall.  I am quite tired of watering my garden... thinking now it is best to just go for survival of the fittest ;)

I love fall.  Now if I have to get out of my pajamas...I love fall clothes - the boots, scarves, sweaters, hoodies... I love fall food - squash, pumpkin, pumpkin pie tea... I could go on.  Let's just say I will be embracing fall when it arrives!

I came across this checklist (click on photo to be taken to source) and thought... oh good, I'm well on my way... except I don't see leggings there... I do love my leggings!

The next thing on my list is to learn how to tie a blanket scarf - mine just never look quite right!

Of course don't forget to complete your outfit by decking out your nails!

What about you?  Are you ready for fall?  What is your favorite go to fall wardrobe piece?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to make lollipops and candy

Do you like to make goodies to make for gifts?  The kids and I have always made chocolates and such to give at Christmas well I think it would be fun to make one of these lollipops!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Moments in Time

And sometimes you do know....

We celebrated my grand daughters 2nd birthday yesterday.  A gorgeous day with lots of fun had by all.  I did get several pictures of my cutie pie... but this one is my favorite.

You see, my dad 'surprised' us with an unexpected heart attack back in July.  It was scary and we are lucky he is still with us.  A couple weeks later he had a triple bypass and a valve replacement.  He is still mending but making steady progress!  It is amazing what can be done medically and we are so thankful for it!

I love the joy in this photo.  My grand daughter who loves the new teddy she just received and my dad (her great grandpa) just because that little peanut is sitting on his lap >3  She has no idea how special this moment is, he does.... but one day she will.